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Level Up to Cloud-Based Access Control

Key cards- you swipe 'em at your office, at the gate in your neighborhood or to access a hotel room. They've been part of our every day lives for decades, and now, much like other forms of technology, access control has made its way up to the cloud, bringing with it a whole range of new possibilities.

A traditional access control system provides keyless entry at gates and doors and is managed with an on-site server. In theory, this system is fine- until it comes time to expand or make other seemingly simple updates. That's when costs can quickly go through the roof. That's just one reason why a cloud-based access control system has an edge over the old system gathering dust in the server room.

Advantages of a Cloud-Based Access Control System

  1. Convenient: manage and monitor your system in real time from anywhere.

  2. Flexible: add users, edit access permissions and issue cards on the fly from one easy-to-use web portal.

  3. Added Security: systems stay up to date automatically, thwarting any potential threats quickly and efficiently. Plus, block access instantly for former employees, outdated vendors or any user who seems suspicious.

  4. Plays Nicely With Others: integrates with control systems, cameras, intercoms, access apps and sometimes even other access control systems.

  5. Cost-Effective: unlike traditional on-site servers, there’s no need for expensive physical servers and hardware with complicated wiring.

The Aevio team specializes in designing and installing cloud-based control systems, whether it's just for a small office or for an entire facility with multiple doors and gates. We also provide training so your team can monitor and update the system at any time.

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